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Video: The truth about Dixon Apple Orchard (I) State Land Commissioner Ray Powell responds on the topic of the Dixon Apple Orchard in a 30-second television advertisement. Ray Powell for New Mexico Land Commissioner


State land earns record revenue Ray and the team at the Land Office are at it again -- posting record revenues for yet another month for our school kids! Take a look at the article below! Article at lascrucesbulletin.com


Largest Solar Array On State Trust Lands (DEMING, New Mexico) - New Mexico State Land Commissioner Ray Powell will celebrate the completion of New Mexico's largest solar power plant - located on State Trust Land...


Our Bosque Restoration Project Protects Against Flooding... Our bosque restoration project in the south valley of Albuquerque is helping reduce risks of flooding and catastrophic fire while greatly enhancing the health of land.  Before...


Video: The truth about Dixon Apple Orchard (II) State Land Commissioner Ray Powell responds on the topic of the Dixon Apple Orchard in a 30-second television advertisement. Ray Powell for New Mexico Land Commissioner


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A salute of confidence

2014 Election Endorsements

  • Albuquerque Journal: Ray Powell has put trust back into public lands

  • Santa Fe New Mexican: Powell ‘good environmental steward’

  • Las Cruces Sun-News: Powell for State Land Office

  • National Education Association (NEA New Mexico)

  • American Federation of Teachers NM (AFT New Mexico)

  • Isleta Pueblo

  • Tesuque Pueblo

  • Rio Grande Chapter of the Sierra Club

  • Albuquerque Area Firefighters (IAFF)

  • Association of Federal, State,and County Employees (AFSCME)

  • Teamsters Local 492

  • IATSE Local 423 (International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees

  • Animal Protection Voters (APV)

  • Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 412

  • Sheet Metal Workers Local 49

  • New Mexico Buildings and Construction Trades Council

  • Laborers International Union New Mexico

  • Southwest Regional Council of Carpenter

  • Iron Workers Local 495

2010 Election Endorsements

I was honored to receive the support of these fine organizations for my 2010 bid for State Land Commissioner.

Thank you all for your support. Together, we’re returning open and honest government to the State Land Office!



  • American Federation of Teachers NM (AFT NM) 
  • National Education Association (NEA)
  • Rio Grande Chapter of the Sierra Club
  • Conservation Voters New Mexico (CVNM)
  • Albuquerque Area Firefighters (IAFF)
  • Association of Federal, State and County Employees (AFSCME)
  • Teamsters
  • Operating Engineers
  • IATSE Local 423 – International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees
  • Animal Protection Voters

Previous Election Endorsements

In my previous elections, I have been honored to have received the endorsements from many organizations and newspapers. I will work to earn their salute of confidence again.

Albuquerque Journal – May 28, 2006

LAND COMMISSIONER: Ray Powell has proven he can handle responsibilities that come with being chief steward of the state’s nine million acres of trust lands and 13 million acres of subsurface rights to oil, gas and minerals.

Powell, a Democrat and veterinarian, was appointed land commissioner in 1993 and elected to four year terms in 1994 and 1998.

Under Powell, plans moved forward on the 13,000-acre Mesa del Sol – an innovative urban development project in Southeast Albuquerque that will generate a substantial source of revenue for the University of New Mexico Trust.

Mesa del Sol exemplifies the Powell approach: working openly with all interested parties to ensure quality development for communities while improving the value of property retained by the Land Office. Powell embraces the Land Office mission of managing trust land for the designated beneficiaries. In 2006, state trust lands revenue is on target to generate $400 million for education. But he also wants to strengthen the Land Office’s ability to keep lands healthy and restore abused areas, to step up monitoring and enforcement and to reduce leases in places like Otero Mesa in southern New Mexico until user impact is better understood.

The Journal recommends a vote for Ray Powell in the Democratic primary for state land commissioner.

Albuquerque Tribune – June 3, 2006

Ray Powell

Both candidates are well qualified and have outstanding values for the job. We have little trouble recommending Powell for the same reasons we’ve consistently endorsed him for land commissioner in the past.

Powell has good, innovative environmental values and he has a more consensus-and mediation-oriented approach to problem-solving. That will allow him to put those values into effect on New Mexico’s enchanted ground.

Powell is a veterinarian with an excellent and relevant education in anthropology, biology, botany and plant ecology. He worked in the State Land Office before being appointed land commissioner in 1993. He then won two successive elections to the office handily, before being term limited out.

Powell has proved an excellent steward of state lands and the money they bring to our state schools. He has audited oil companies to bring in more revenues, helped make Mesa del Sol development in Albuquerque an environmentally responsible reality that will continue to fill state coffers for decades; accommodated high quality-industries on state lands; swapped state parcels to help preserve wild lands’ conducted an original, scientific asset inventory of state lands’ arranged to return some of the money earned from state lands to restore, improve and protect state lands; and much more.

He has done so in a way that brings often highly contentious environmental, recreational, ranching and extractive industry interests together—as well as can be expected.

He looks forward to re-establishing and expanding the best of his programs and to pressing for new ones—including more renewable energy ventures on state lands and creasing a Mesa del Sol-style project near Las Cruces.

He is the candidate best able to set the State Land Office back on the progressive track it was steaming when he left office four years ago.