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My Vision To Restore The Trust

When We Take Care of the Land,
the Land Takes Care of Us


In just three years we have put the State Land Office back on track and have made significant progress. I have a track record of helping to create thousands of new jobs for New Mexicans, generating more money for our schools, and healing and protecting our state lands. There’s a lot more work to be done, and I’m asking for your support —  our vision for what the Land Office can do for New Mexico is well underway.

My Commitment

  • Keep working to create even more good jobs in the  new energy economy that we laid the groundwork for in our first term
  • Build on the increases in school funding we have generated every year
  • Continue to restore integrity and set a standard for ethical and honest government – a standard I will maintain in the next term
  • Continue to hold users of our public land accountable – and increase safeguards to guarantee responsible use of the land
  • Responsibly use the extensivenon-renewable resources we have beenblessed with

Protect Our Public Lands for Future Generations

As New Mexicans, we are blessed with marvelous public lands. These lands sustain us, provide economic opportunities, and help fund our educational system. Public lands are truly a legacy that we leave our children.

Having successfully served as state land commissioner, I once again ask for the opportunity to serve you.


Protect Our Public Lands for Future Generations

I strongly believe in healthy public lands.  I continue to ensure that New Mexico has some of the best public land in the nation.

But my team’s work is not done.  Responsible long-term management of the Trust portfolio—and our children’s education— is critical. We need to stand strong to protect our public land resources from pollution and from misuse or mismanagement.

Protecting the health of our land is critical. It will result in sustainable returns from our state trust lands and a better quality of life for our adjoining communities.

I will again work tirelessly to ensure the long-term health and productivity of the state trust lands today and for our future generations.

Having successfully served as state land commissioner, I once again ask for the opportunity to serve you.

Advocate for Good Jobs for New Mexicans

I remain deeply committed to renewable energy.

In just a few short years we have created good jobs on new energy projects.  We have laid the groundwork for solar and wind projects that will lead to millions of dollars for our school kids. We are continuing our mission to protect natural resources and create good jobs.

The first wind farms in New Mexico were created on my watch, and my team has worked to create renewable energy opportunities.  My team is continuing to work with private businesses, local governments, and community groups throughout New Mexico to create affordable housing projects, business parks, and new jobs. Three extremely successful examples are the Sandia Science and Technology Park, the Mesa del Sol economic district, and the Business Park in Hobbs, NM.

We’ve made the NM State Land Office an economic force for good job creation.  In my  second term, I will continue to work to boost the economy in every corner of the state.

Improve Our Children’s Schools

The State Land Office collects and invests revenue from the use of public lands. This revenue significantly helps fund our children’s schools, and I’ve increased that revenue during my first term.  In fact, in the last  two years, the Land Office has produced record revenues of over 1.2 billion dollars.

Our children’s future depends on quality education.

Investing in our schools has been my top priority, and it will remain so in my second term.

The more revenue we can generate from the land, the more money we can save you as a taxpayer, and that should matter to every one of us.

It’s my goal, through wise land management with long-term vision, to build a trust that we can count on to support our schools forever.


Ethical and Honest Land Office

I believe in the highest professional and ethical standards in government, and my record speaks for itself.

Our principle at the land office is to “do things in a manner that the closer anyone looks, the better we look.

Over the last three years we have raised the bar at the Land Office – undoing bad deals like the land swap at White Peak and cleaning up messes like the illegal tire dump near Wagon Mound.

My team at the Land Office acts in an open, honest and transparent manner — and that’s a standard you can trust me to keep in my second term.

Whether it’s an individual rancher who wants to graze cattle or a global company seeking to mine New Mexico’s resources, you can count on me to stand strong, working with our lessees to take care of the land and to pay what they owe.

When We Take Care of Our Lands,

Our Lands Take Care of Us!